Saguaro Lake Fishing Guide

Saguaro Lake is well known for its generous source of largemouth bass and is considered one of the top trophy lakes in Arizona and is one our favorite locations to fish year round.

Saguaro Lake is located east of phoenix in a series of lakes (Canyon, Apache and Roosevelt Lake). Saguaro Lake is a beautifully 1,200-acre reservoir with an average depth from 70-90 feet and a maximum depth of 116 feet.

Fishing in Saguaro Lake there are large bass in the lake that includes 12+ lb. bass and 30-lb. Carp that exist in the deeper waters. You can also fish for bluegill as well as Walleye, Black Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Bigmouth Buffalo and Yellow Bass.

If you're a begining fisherman, been fishing for a long time or an experienced pro angler Saguaro Lake is a great place to fish and has alot to offer in a variety of fishing locations, plus Saguar Lake offers beautiful scenery and towering canyon walls in the "narrows" to the expansive vegetation filled flats of the upper lake again making Saguaro Lake a great place to fish!

Saguaro Lake Fees

To access Saguaro you'll need to pay $8.00 Tonto Daily Pass / or $80 Tonto Annual Pass for parking per vehicle (no trailer)
plus $4.00 watercraft sticker per watercraft.

TO fish from a boat on Saguaro Lake it will cost $4 for a Watercraft Sticker per watercraft in addition to Tonto Daily or Annual Pass.

Saguaro Lake Amenities

Saguaro Lake Marina


Boat Rental

Boat Launch Ramp

Convenience Store

Bait, Tackel & Gear

Saguaro Lake Fishing Videos

Access a variety of Saguaro Lake fishing videos and learn what other did to catch great Bass and other fish on Saguaro Lake.

Saguaro Lake Fishing Hotspots

  • Bat Cliffs

  • Butcher Jones

  • Campers Cove

  • Peregrine Cove

  • Razorback Point

  • Ship Rock

  • Bagley Flats

  • Eagles Grotto

  • Mesquite Flats

  • The Meadows

  • Richards Rock

  • The Snags

  • Weavers Ledge

Highly Recommended Bait, Tackle & Gear 

Directions to Saguaro Lake

Getting to Saguaro Lake is a quick and an easy 45 minute drive. Just head northwest of Mesa and travel 27 miles north on State Hwy. 87 to Bush Highway/Forest Road (FR) 204 and turn right. Follow FR 204 for 4 miles to reach Saguaro Lake.

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