Best Oregon Fishing Books & Guides

Your guide to the best and highest rated Oregon fishing books to help make you next fishing trip successful. Whether you're fishing locally or in the high mountains these Oregon fishing books will sure to help make you next Oregon fishing outings a great experience by utilizing the top official Oregon Fishing Books and Guides.

These official Oregon Fishing Books & Guides will highlight the freshwater fishing lakes in Oregon that will include lake maps, types of fish, fishing techniques, tackle, bait, gear and more. These fishing books go in-depth to give you the materials to you need to be success in your next fishing trip in Oregon


Quick Casts: Portland, Oregon: The Top Fishing Spots Within An Hour’S Drive Of The City (Fishing Series)

Whether you’re interested in trolling for salmon or fly-fishing for steelhead, dredging the Columbia for sturgeon or casting a spinner for bass, it may be surprising to learn that some of the best fishing in
the Northwest is only a lure’s toss away from the commotion of downtown Portland.
Combining a master angler’s encyclopedic knowledge of fish behavior with an Oregonian’s love for the place, author Jim Yuskavitch shows us more than twenty locations all around the City of Roses, presenting each one with a set of concise driving directions, a quick look at the species to be caught at the location, and an indispensable, thumbnail description of the best techniques to use in order to bring that lunker to hand.
Inside you’ll find:
• Descriptions of the area’s game fish
• Tips on lures, flies, bait, tackle, and techniques
• Information on access and regulations
• Maps and photos

Fishing Central Oregon

This 6th edition of FISHING Central Oregon features over 500 color photos highlighting more than 200 lakes and streams. A large number of aerial views provide perspective on area lakes. Detailed maps show access points, boat launches, campgrounds, day-use areas and best fishing spots. Descriptions of each lake and stream include fish species, the regulations, techniques and best times to fish. In this 6th edition, Gary Lewis enlisted Brooke Snavely to update many of the chapters from previous editions. Lewis added about 20 waters and updated many chapters including those originally written by Raven Wing. Robert H. Campbell contributed an all new look at Elk Lake. Also included: How To Fish, recipes, charts, info on float tubes and boats and hiring guides, valuable information from partner advertisers and much more. FISHING Central Oregon, the 6th Edition, is a great addition to any angler's library. Keep a copy at home, on the coffee table, and put one in the boat!


Floating & Fishing Oregon's Wilderness River Canyons

Oregon has been blessed with some of the most spectacular wilderness river canyons in the world, and there is no better way to experience their beauty and solitude than by floating through them. Along with beautiful scenery, floating wilderness whitewater rivers also offers opportunities for personal challenge and solitude, or, if you prefer, building teamwork and enjoying friendships. In this book, Melinda Allen details the John Day Basin, Grande Ronde, Lower Deschutes, Owyhee River, Rogue River, and the Snake and Illinois rivers, including their trip lengths and solitude ratings. Drawing upon her years of experience as a river-running guide, Allen helps you safely navigate these waterways. Also covered are river-running basics such as float craft, basic rowing and paddling, trip planning, essential equipment, whitewater ratings, fishing information and tips, wildlife, interesting historical references, shuttles, permits, and so much more. Whether you are planning a river-running adventure of several hours, days or even weeks, Floating & Fishing Oregon’s Wilderness River Canyons will guide you to a safe and fun journey!


Oregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guide (Revisde & Resized)

Oregon outdoor writer Gary Lewis, kicks off the Lake Maps & Fishing Guide series in the Beaver State - OREGON. Logging over 6,000 miles doing research, Lewis visited each of the 39 lakes and their surrounding communities to bring you the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information possible.
As with the River Maps... Series, each lake map is packed with information, including: Roads and access points; Boat launches; Peak fishing times for various stillwater species; Insect hatches and hatch-timing chart; Fly-fishing and conventional tackle techniques; Fishing knots & tackle guide; Important services & accommodations for anglers; and so much more.


Fishing in Oregon, Twelfth Edition

Comprehensive guide to virtually all sport fishing waters managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Includes fish species, natural forage, popular tackle and techniques, seasonal timing, access and facilities info, road and trail directions Detailed maps for most important fisheries include named holes and drifts. Index to fisheries suitable for disabled anglers and youngsters.Meticulously updated to reflect effects of fire, climate, ocean conditions, and management decisions.


Fly Fishing Central & Southeastern Oregon: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guides)

This guide gives you a quick, clear understanding of the essential information you'll need to fly fish Oregon's most outstanding waters.

You will not waste time. In a few moments, you will know where to go and how to fly fish. Take this guide along for ready reference, or use this book to plan your Oregon fly fishing trip. Either way, you'll have enough information and your fly fishing experience will be new, fresh and fun!

This is the updated and redesigned version of Harry Teel's Guide to Fly Fishing in Central & Southeastern Oregon (1993). It was popular immediately, updated and reprinted five times.

The Metolius, Deschutes, McKenzie, Owyhee, John Day and 35 other waters. Mr. Teel's 60 years of fly fishing went into the first No Nonsense fly fishing guide. Updated in 2005, this resource book is bigger and better than ever.


Oregon Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)

Unlike many angling guidebooks, Amato guides come in a large, glossy format, with color photos to match the inspiring information about where and when to wet a line. The Oregon volume begins with a topographical map of the state, pinpointing areas of interest specifically suited to fly-fishers. Divided into regional zones for quick reference, all the major rivers in each zone are covered as well as smaller tributaries and lakes. Descriptive text focuses on available quarry, tactics, and tackle. Particularly helpful are the color plates of time-tested fly patterns. Along with an Oregon Atlas and Gazetteer, the Oregon Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide is a useful companion to take along on your next fishing trip in this big, fishy state.


Fly Fishing Central & Southeastern Oregon: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guides)

This is the most comprehensive angling map ever created for Oregon's rivers and streams. There are a total of 179 full color 8-1/2 x11 detailed maps, that show access sites, boat ramps, campgrounds, roads and trails. All access sites are clearly marked with GPS coordinates. River miles, public and private land, dams, rapids, and a wealth of other useful information for anglers is included. Thirty-three of Oregon's best waters are mapped, including the Deschutes, Elk, Fall, Grande Ronde, Hood, John Day, Klamath, McKenzie, Nehalem, Rogue, Sandy, Tillamook Bay, Chetco, Clackamas, Willamette, Umpqua, and others. Public land is clearly identified in color, and every possible access or state lease is easy to find with just a glance. Oregon's Best Fishing Waters is a must have for any avid fisherman.


Field Guide to Oregon Rivers

TIM PALMER has been exploring, researching, photographing, and writing about the rivers of Oregon and America for forty years. His twenty-two books include Rivers of America, Field Guide to California Rivers, and Oregon: Preserving the Beauty and Spirit of the Land. He was named “one of the 10 greatest river conservationists of our time” by Paddler magazine, which also listed him as one of the “100 greatest paddlers of the past century.” For his writing and photography he was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Rivers. Visit


Flyfisher's Guide to Oregon (The Wilderness Adventures Flyfisher's Guide Series)

Oregon boasts tremendous flyfishing water, from its famous Deschutes River to lesser known gems in Oregon s eastern deserts.This new and updated edition covers all of the great fishing opportunities and waters in Oregon. John Huber describes in detail the best fishing waters. John gives you tips on how and when to fish each water, along with recommended flies. He also has hatch charts and stream facts for each water. All of the famous streams are covered, including the Grande Ronde, Klamath, Rogue, McKenzie, Willamette, Clackamas, Salmon, Hood, John Day, Deschutes, and many others. John also covers many small stream gems and the lakes, such as Crane Prairie, Gold, Chickahominy, Klamath, Antelope Flat, and more. There are over 77 detailed river maps showing public access, roads, boat launches, campsites, and river miles. Each region has complete travel information and listings for fly shops, sporting good stores, guides, outfitters, lodges, motels, restaurants, campgrounds, and more. The Flyfisher's Guide to Oregon provides comprehensive coverage of over 100 of the best fishing waters in Oregon.


Moon Oregon Fishing: The Complete Guide to Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and the Ocean

Moon Oregon Fishing promises to be the catch of the day and offers a guide complete with how, where and what to prepare to enjoy your fishing experience. Craig Schuhmann has devoted many of his days to the outdoors as both a professional guide and fly fishing shop owner. With a background in ecological studies, Craig offers helpful advice on enviro-friendly fishing methods and ideas for the Best Family Fishing, Best Trophy Rainbow Trout Rivers, and Best Places to Teach Kids to Fish.

Moon Oregon Fishing provides you with accurate information on what bait is best, special regulations, appropriate fishing time and even the best fishing attire. Whether you're after Sturgeon or Common Carp, interested in fly-fishing, drift fishing, back trolling or traditional methods, you're sure to find all the wonders of casting your line in Moon Oregon Fishing.

Other Great Fishing Books

Total-Fishing-Manual-Essential-Fishing-Skills-Field-and-Stream-Best-Fishing-Books-Guides-in-AZ Copy

The Total Fishing Manual by Field & Stream

317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field & Stream)

When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than the writers and editors at Field & Stream magazine--unless it's the local guides, prizewinners, and other experts they interviewed for this book. The Total Fishing Manual is chock full of 317 field-tested tools, techniques and tactics, collected and written by the Field & Stream editors and accompanied by amazing photos and handy illustrations.


The Scouting Guide to Basic Fishing

200 Essential Skills for Selecting Tackle, Tying Knots, Casting, and Catching Fish (A BSA Scouting Guide)

An Officially-Licensed Book of the Boy Scouts of America. Rex shares his more than 20 years of experience. You will learn: the most up-to-date information on which waters hold trout; when is the best time to fish each water; what species you will find; hatches; the best presentations to fish these sometimes tricky waters; special safety tips; useful maps; average flows; and much more. Arizona fly fishermen know what they have--streams that hold wild trout that can be fished for in shirt sleeves year round, So whether you are an Arizona resident or just there on business, get Arizona Trout--A Fly Fishing Guide so you know where to find the best trout fishing. 8 1/2 x 11, color insert.

Total-Fishing-Manual-Essential-Fishing-Skills-Field-and-Stream-Best-Fishing-Books-Guides-in-AZ Copy 2

Incredible& True!
Fishing Stories

What’s almost as good as going fishing? Hearing, telling, and swapping great fish stories. Shaun Morey is a fisherman, a connoisseur of fish stories, and a journalist with a novelist’s eye (and vice versa) in this collection of over 100 incredible (and true!) fishing stories.

Here are Remarkable Catches—like the time Billy Sandifer caught a 1,000-pound tiger shark in the surf (he released it after nabbing a souvenir tooth). Grueling Battles—like Bob Ploeger’s record-breaking 37-hour fight with a Pacific salmon. Hilarious Feats of Bravery, like the exploits of Matt Watson, who leapt out of a helicopter to land on the back of a marlin. And, in what can only be considered poetic justice, Shocking Acts of Fish Aggression, like Mitchell Lee Franklin’s visit to the emergency room with a 5-pound catfish attached to his chest via an impaled dorsal fin. Includes illustrations, photos, and links to videos on the author’s website.