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Your guide to the best and highest rated fishing books to help make you next fishing trip successful. Weather you’re fishing locally or in the high mountains these fishing books will sure to help make you next Arizona fishing outings a great experience by utilizing the top official Fishing Books.

These official Fishing Books & Guides will highlight the freshwater fishing lakes in that will include lake maps, types of fish, fishing techniques, tackle, bait, gear and more. These fishing books go in-depth to give you the materials to you need to be success in your next fishing trip.

Here’s some of the top fishing books below.

Best Fishing Books Listings

Below lists out some of the Best Fishing Books to learn and use for your next expedition

The Total Fishing Manual by Field & Stream

The Total Fishing Manual by Field & Stream

317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field & Stream)

When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than the writers and editors at Field & Stream magazine–unless it’s the local guides, prizewinners, and other experts they interviewed for this book. The Total Fishing Manual is chock full of 317 field-tested tools, techniques and tactics, collected and written by the Field & Stream editors and accompanied by amazing photos and handy illustrations.

The Complete Fishing Manual

The Complete Fishing Manual

Fishermen, from novice to pro will find this fishing manual an indispensable must-have reference guide. 

The Complete Fishing Manual is your definitive guide to all things fishing, covering everything from strategies and techniques to bait, tackle, and kit. This manual will assist you every step of the way.

  • Fully illustrated pages with high-quality photography and illustrations
  • Covers fishing in all types of conditions and waters, from freshwater to saltwater
  • Text that assists the reader from the very beginning to the final catch, from getting your license to reeling in the catch
  • Step by step diagrams on how to prepare your rod for different types of fish
  • Includes how to fit and use different types of accessories to enhance your chances of catching fish
  • Top recommendations for where to fish around the world depending on what you want to catch

The Total Fishing Manual

The Total Fishing Manual

317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field and Stream)

Joe Cermele started his career in outdoor journalism in 2004, covering fishing tournaments for a local magazine in his home state of New Jersey. In 2005, while attending Rider University, he became an intern at Salt Water Sportsman magazine, joining the editorial staff full time that same year after graduation. In 2008, he moved to sister publication Field & Stream, where he was named Fishing Editor in 2011. His writing appears monthly in the magazine, he blogs weekly on the magazine’s website, and also hosts and produces Field & Stream’s Hook Shots, an award-winning web-based fishing show with a punk-rock edge. Cermele has fished all over the country and abroad, but when he’s not traveling on assignment, you can find him on his boat chasing tuna and striped bass off the Jersey coast, pitching tubes to smallmouth bass on the Delaware River, or flyfishing for trout in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

The Scouting Guide to Basic Fishing

The Scouting Guide to Basic Fishing

200 Essential Skills for Selecting Tackle, Tying Knots, Casting, and Catching Fish (A BSA Scouting Guide)

An Officially-Licensed Book of the Boy Scouts of America. Rex shares his more than 20 years of experience. You will learn: the most up-to-date information on which waters hold trout; when is the best time to fish each water; what species you will find; hatches; the best presentations to fish these sometimes tricky waters; special safety tips; useful maps; average flows; and much more. Arizona fly fishermen know what they have–streams that hold wild trout that can be fished for in shirt sleeves year round, So whether you are an Arizona resident or just there on business, get Arizona Trout–A Fly Fishing Guide so you know where to find the best trout fishing. 8 1/2 x 11, color insert.

OutdoorIQ Ultimate Fishing Guide Just For Kids!

OutdoorIQ Ultimate Fishing Guide Just For Kids!

Are you ready to learn about fishing in an ULTIMATE way? The Outdoor IQ’s Ultimate Fishing Guide Just for Kids includes 84 pages of fun, full color pages that are full of ULTIMATE facts, tips and techniques about fishing. You will learn about game fish such as crappie, bass, bluegill, catfish, saugeye, perch and trout. You will learn where they live and exciting tips on how you can catch more fish. What about the gear and tackle will you need?

The Pocket Fishing Basics Guide

The Pocket Fishing Basics Guide

Freshwater Basics: Hook, Line, and Sinker (Skyhorse Pocket Guides)

Here is a handy reference for any aspiring angler, providing questions and answers on basic techniques on freshwater fishing that can help you come up with a catch you can cook up and brag about.

Inside, fishermen will find the information they need to find, hook, and land North American fish species:

  • How to find prime fishing spots
  • Safety tips while fishing
  • Selecting appropriate bait, artificial lures and tackle
  • Proper fishing techniques
  • Handling and cleaning fish
  • And more!

Written by an award-winning outdoor writer, this is the essential, pocket-sized guide for any angler hoping to have a bountiful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

A great beginner’s guide for new fishermen and those who want to learn to fish for fun, with advice on tackle, bait, boats, accessories, and more.

New to fishing and have no idea how to start? With Basic Fishing, you’ll be an accomplished angler in no time at all. Expert angler and award-winning outdoor writer Wade Bourne was taught to fish by his father. In turn, Bourne taught his children how to fish. Now he brings his expertise to Basic Fishing, a step-by-step guide that masterfully breaks down the art of fishing with diagrams, vivid photographs, and lessons. You’ll learn all about:

  • How to catch fish—guaranteed!
  • Different types of fishing equipment
  • How to select bait, lures, and tackle
  • Where and how to find good fishing spots
  • Boats, boat accessories, and motors
  • Methods for cooking and cleaning fish
  • Increasing your fishing skills
  • Fishing safety
  • And more!
250 Amazing Fishing Tips

250 Amazing Fishing Tips

The Best Tactics and Techniques to Catch Any and All Game Fish. The very best tactics and techniques that successful anglers use to get their fish.

250 Amazing Fishing Tips focuses on the most popular freshwater gamefish—trout, bass, crappie, bluegill, walleye, catfish, salmon, and pike—and saltwater favorites, such as striped bass, bluefish, flounder, redfish, weakfish, and sea trout. The techniques and tips here are applicable to rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, estuaries and inlets, bays, beaches, and offshore.

Incredible-True-Fishing Stories-Best-Fishing-Books-Guides
Incredible& True! Fishing Stories

Incredible & True! Fishing Stories

What’s almost as good as going fishing? Hearing, telling, and swapping great fish stories. Shaun Morey is a fisherman, a connoisseur of fish stories, and a journalist with a novelist’s eye (and vice versa) in this collection of over 100 incredible (and true!) fishing stories.

Here are Remarkable Catches—like the time Billy Sandifer caught a 1,000-pound tiger shark in the surf (he released it after nabbing a souvenir tooth). Grueling Battles—like Bob Ploeger’s record-breaking 37-hour fight with a Pacific salmon. Hilarious Feats of Bravery, like the exploits of Matt Watson, who leapt out of a helicopter to land on the back of a marlin. And, in what can only be considered poetic justice, Shocking Acts of Fish Aggression, like Mitchell Lee Franklin’s visit to the emergency room with a 5-pound catfish attached to his chest via an impaled dorsal fin. Includes illustrations, photos, and links to videos on the author’s website.

Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Freshwater Fish

Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Freshwater Fish

A compact, authoritative guide for freshwater fishing tripsf rom one of the most respected names in the world of sportfishing comes the definitive, full-color guide to 140 of the most common freshwater fish species found in North American rivers, lakes, and streams. Featuring information on identification, habitat, size, and diet, Ken Schultz’s Guide to Freshwater Fish is a must for anglers and sportfishing enthusiasts everywhere.


Kids Gone Fishin’ (The Freshwater Angler)

Filled with helpful pictures and charts, Kids Gone Fishin’ gives young anglers the skills and knowledge to catch more and bigger fish, from identifying what fish to go after and choosing the right tackle to catch it to whether you can keep it and how to clean it when you do.

If you’re like most young anglers, you don’t care what kind of fish you catch as long as you get something. After all, while it’s fun just to be outside spending time away from home (chores) and school (tests), fishing is the most fun when you catch fish.

No matter where you live, you’ll find great fishing for some type of fish. It may be catfish or sunfish in a local farm pond, carp in a nearby river, or crappies and bass in the lake across town. Find out what types of fish you can find near you by looking at the pictures and descriptions of a range of fish types paired with a map showing where they live in North America. And look closely at the drawings of the fish so you can tell what you have landed.


Fishing for Dummies

From trout to carp and catfish to bonefish, the tips in Fishing for Dummies (3rd Edition) help anglers prepare for what awaits beyond the shore. Featuring new and updated content on kayak fishing, advanced sonar equipment, GPS, and technology integration, this revised edition delivers the latest and greatest in fishing enjoyment and how-to. Listeners will discover how to choose the right gear, the right spots, and the right times for fishing.

Freshwater Fishing for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)

Freshwater Fishing for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)

You drop your line in the lake and wait quietly. Soon you feel a tug. Do you have what it takes to reel in your big catch? Now is your chance to learn what you need to know about freshwater fishing history, gear, techniques, safety, and more.

Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques

Freshwater Fishing Tips & Techniques

A Fully Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Fishing

It’s a great little book, and something I’m glad I added to my fishing book collection. —

Hundreds of tips and illustrations help the novice or advanced angler select bait and flies, identify and land fish, clean and cook the day’s catch.

How to Think Like a Fish

How to Think Like a Fish

And Other Lessons from a Lifetime in Angling

The star of the Animal Planet’s River Monsters and author of the bestselling companion book shares a meditation on fishing–and life.

Now, the greatest angling explorer of his generation returns to delight readers with a book of a different sort, the book he was always destined to write — the distillation of a life spent fishing.

This book is his reply: part science, part art, and part elusive something else — which is within every angler’s ability to develop. Along the way you will learn when to let instinct override logic, which details are vital and which may be irrelevant, and how a “non result” can be a result.

Thoughtful and funny, brimming with wisdom and, above all, adventure, these are pitch-perfect reflections that anyone who has ever fished will identify with, for ultimately they touch on the simple, fundamental principles that apply to all angling — and to life.

The Total Fly Fishing Manual

The Total Fly Fishing Manual

307 Essential Skills and Tips

From the same team that brought you the Total Fishing Manual , comes the book fly fishing fanatics have been waiting for: The Total Fly Fishing Manual: 307 Tips and Tricks from Expert AnglersThe Total Fly Fishing Manual is the most comprehensive collection of expert fly fishing advice and up-to-date gear reviews. This book gathers the best tips, old school-techniques that still deliver and adds a wealth of new material. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable flexicover—this manual is the perfect gift!

Filled with over 300 hints from the best anglers in both salt and fresh water, the editors of Field and Stream give you everything you need to make the perfect pitch, find a secret spot and score a fish.

High Percentage Fishing

High Percentage Fishing

A Statistical Approach To Improving Catch Rates

Envisioned as the “Moneyball” of largemouth bass fishing, High Percentage Fishing offers a practical approach to put more fish in your boat. It freely mixes big bass wisdom from some of the world’s greatest fishermen, with statistical findings from a vast database of catch information. Part science, part strategy, this book boils down critical concepts into fundamental truths that will help you catch more fish. Learn about:

  • Big bass habits and locations
  • The impact of weather on catch rates
  • The effect of lunar cycles on fishing
  • The best and worst times to fish

Engineer and statistician Josh Alwine slices through the data and demonstrates that some of fishing’s oldest and most conventional thinking is little more than myth.

The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen

The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen

The Original Handbook for Hunting, Fishing, & Game

Originally published in 1865, The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen is every young man (or young woman’s) guide to everything outdoors. This new edition of the classic handbook provides instructions, tips, and facts about everything from hunting to fishing to animal’s habits. With new updated illustrations and step-by-step instructions, every person young and old can learn to be an outdoorsman.

In addition, not only will you learn about hunting, but also about fishing in rivers, lakes, even sea fishing. Learn the best ways to handle a fishing rod and never lose your catch again. With this updated version of The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen, you can impress friends and family with your outdoor skills in no time.

Bass Fishing: Best Bait & Tackle

Best Bass Fishing Best Bait & Tackle for Best Fishing Books includes the following:

Bluegill & Sun Fish Fishing: Best Bait & Tackle

Best Bluegill & Sun Fish Fishing Best Bait & Tackle for Best Fishing Books includes the following:

Best Fishing Gear:

Here’s some of the best fishing gear to use by the Best Fishing Books: