Best Kids Fishing Books

Your guide to the best and highest rated kids fishing books to help make you next fishing trip successful. Weather you’re fishing locally or in the high mountains these fishing books will sure to help make your next outings a great experience by utilizing the top official Fishing Books.

These official kids Fishing Books & Guides will highlight the freshwater fishing lakes in that will include lake maps, types of fish, fishing techniques, tackle, bait, gear and more. These fishing books go in-depth to give you the materials to you need to be success in your next fishing trip.

Here’s some of the best kids fishing books below.

Best Kids Fishing Books Listings

Below lists out some of the Best Kids Fishing Books to learn and use for your next expedition

OutdoorIQ Ultimate Fishing Guide Just For Kids!

OutdoorIQ Ultimate Fishing Guide Just For Kids!

Are you ready to learn about fishing in an ULTIMATE way? The Outdoor IQ’s Ultimate Fishing Guide Just for Kids includes 84 pages of fun, full color pages that are full of ULTIMATE facts, tips and techniques about fishing. You will learn about game fish such as crappie, bass, bluegill, catfish, saugeye, perch and trout. You will learn where they live and exciting tips on how you can catch more fish. What about the gear and tackle will you need?


Kids Gone Fishin’ (The Freshwater Angler)

Filled with helpful pictures and charts, Kids Gone Fishin’ gives young anglers the skills and knowledge to catch more and bigger fish, from identifying what fish to go after and choosing the right tackle to catch it to whether you can keep it and how to clean it when you do.

If you’re like most young anglers, you don’t care what kind of fish you catch as long as you get something. After all, while it’s fun just to be outside spending time away from home (chores) and school (tests), fishing is the most fun when you catch fish.

No matter where you live, you’ll find great fishing for some type of fish. It may be catfish or sunfish in a local farm pond, carp in a nearby river, or crappies and bass in the lake across town. Find out what types of fish you can find near you by looking at the pictures and descriptions of a range of fish types paired with a map showing where they live in North America. And look closely at the drawings of the fish so you can tell what you have landed.

Freshwater Fishing for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)

Freshwater Fishing for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)

You drop your line in the lake and wait quietly. Soon you feel a tug. Do you have what it takes to reel in your big catch? Now is your chance to learn what you need to know about freshwater fishing history, gear, techniques, safety, and more.

Best Fishing Bait, Lures & Tackle

Here’s some of the best fishing bait, fishing lures and fishing tackle Best Kids Fishing Books: