Kokanee Salmon Fishing Guide

How to Catch Kokanee Salmon?

Where to find Kokanee Salmon?: Kokanee Salmon is a landlocked form of the larger pacific sockeye salmon. Kokanee are an open water fish and it's pretty difficult to catch from shore.

Kokanee Salmon like cold, clear lakes and reservoirs and Kokanee Salmon are found at all depths.

Kokanee Salmon Fishing Tips:
Kokanee Salmon are great fighters and fun to fish on light tackle and provide excellent fishing opportunities throughout the year.

The two basic methods of catching Kokanee Salmon includes:

  • Trolling for Kokanee Salmon: typically using downriggers. Small spinner rigs or plastic skirt lures that look like a squid are extremely productive. In the morning use chartreuse and slowly transition to white, pink, and red often being preferred by the salmon later in the day.
  • Anchoring for Kokanee Salmon: Fishing from a at night you'll need to use light very sensitive rod to help detect the light hits from the Kokanee Salmon. Also, have light line using a 2lb – 6lb and a small size hook (size #10 or #12). For bait use either a jig or weighted fly tipped with a small piece of nightcrawler, maggot, wax worm or shoepeg corn. Keep your bait at or just below the thermocline to increae your chances of catching a Kokanee Salmon.

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