Big Bear Lake Fishing Guide

Big Bear Lake is a natural reservoir fish-filled lake in Southern California in the Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, CA and is completely snow-fed lake that about seven miles in length and Big Bear Lake is a great place to fish for Rainbow Trout, Bass and a variety of Sun Fish including Bluegill.

Big Bear Lake Stats:

  • Length: 6.959 mi
  • Average Depth: 35 ft.
  • Max Depth: 72.4 ft.
  • Surface Elevation: 6,759′
  • Area: 10 mi²
  • Width: 2.485 mi
  • Lake type: Reservoir

Big Bear Lake Fishing Videos

Popular Types of Fish at Big Bear Lake

There's a wide variety of fish that is offered at Big Bear Lake in Big Bear, CA. The most popular species of fish found in Big Bear Lake is Rainbow Trout as this loves to thrive in deeper waters, especially during the summer time as the water temperature tends to heat up. Some other popular fish that can be found at Big Bear Lake are Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, catfish, carp and variety of other panfish, which makes for great fishing times with younger kids.

Here's a quick list on some of the best baits, lures, etc. that the loves to feed on at Big Bear Lake.

Rainbow Trout Fish Loves:
Berkley Powerbait, Salmon Eggs, Nightcrawlers, Garlic Powerbait, Helgy, Rainbow Glitter PowerBait

Crappie Fish Loves:
Jigs with a marabou skirt, Minnows, Rapalas

Bluegill Fish Loves:
Small Lures, Spinners, Nightcrawlers, PowerBait

Bass Fish Loves:
Spinners and Spoons, Hellgrammites, Shallow Diving Crankbaits, Nightcrawlers, Bucktail Streamer, Silver Shad Crankbaits, Minnows

Catfish Fish Loves:
Nightcrawlers, Mackerel, Nitro Biscuits, Minnows

Carp Fish Loves:
Berkley Powerbait

Big Bear Lake Fishing Map

Access the Big Bear Fishing Map that highlights some of the best fishing spots that Big Bear Lake has to offer.


Gilner Point

Observatory to Pineknot Landing

Pineknot Landing to the Observatory

Windy Point

Meadow Point

Juniper Point

Bear Valley Dam

Boulder Bay Park

Big Bear Lake Map

Download a high resolution map of Big Bear Lake to help map out your next fishing adventure at Big Bear Lake.

Best Fishing Spots at Big Bear Lake

Going to Big Bear Lake and wondering where to fish? Well one a great place to start is at the East end of the lake at Stanfield Cutoff and work your way West to Windy Point.

Another great place to fish is at the Bear Valley Dam, which a number of fishing anglers have have reported some great catches there.

Feel like trolling for Rainbow Trout? Try the Rainbow Trout Triangle from Eagle Point to Lagonita Point to the Solar Observatory or try Metcalf Bay across to the lake to the North Shore.

Below is a list of other hot fishing spots at Big Bear Lake.

  • Bear Valley Dam
  • Windy Point
  • Juniper Point
  • Meadow Park
  • East Ramp
  • West Ramp
  • Along the Alipine Pedal Path
  • Boulder Bay Park
  • Pine Knott Landing
  • Gilner Point
  • Observatory
  • Near Big Bear Marina
  • Trout Triangle
  • Stanfied Rd. Cutoff From Big Bear Boulevard to North Shore Drive

Fishing Marinas at Big Bear Lake

Below are the just a few of the highest rated fishing marinas at Big Bear Lake that offer a wide variety of services from fishing boat rentals, pro tackle and bait shops, freshwater fishing charters, official fish weighing stations and more.

Holloway's Marina

  • Fishing Boat Rentals

Captain John's Marina

  • Fishing Boat Rentals

Pine Knott Marina

  • Fishing Boat Rentals

Pleasure Point Marina

  • Fishing Boat Rentals

Big Bear Lake Fishing Limits

Below is an infographic that outlines the fishing limits for Big Bear Lake on the rules and regulations for catching Bass, Pan Fish, Catfish, Crayfish and Trout.

best-places-to-fish-at-big-bear-lake copy

Directions to Big Bear Lake

Ready to go fishing at Big Bear Lake. Here's some quick directions and routes to get you there.

Big Bear Lake is located a 100 miles east of Los Angeles in Southern California in the Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, CA.

HWY 330 Through Running Springs

This route to Big Bear Lake is the easiest route to take from most Southern California locations.

HWY 38 Through Redlands

This route takes longer, but it the most scenic route you can take up to Big Bear Lake

HWY 18 Through Apple Valley / Lucrene Valley

This route to Big Bear Lake offers the least mountain road driving as well as offers the least amount of traffic.

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