Oak Creek Canyon Fishing Guide

Oak Creek Canyon is a great fishing mountain stream that is located in Central Arizona offering some of the best Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout fishing and flows year round with cool water. There are two parts to Oak Creek Canyon fishing. The upper Oak Creek is stocked rainbow trout and wild brown trout and the lower part of the creek provides good fishing for bass, panfish and catfish and is also home to native fish like the roundtail chub and speckled dace. Oak Creek Canyon is a popular beautiful small stream winding through the staggering gorge red rocks right outside of Sedona, Arizona that is stocked with and known for it's rainbow trout and has a wild population of brown trout as well.

Directions to Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful small stream located in the red rocks right outside of Sedona, Arizona that is North of Phoenix. To fish at Oak Creek, there is a small catch and release fishing area where the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon comes in.

To access Oak Creek Canyon is pretty easy to access from the 89A north of Sedona. However, most of the best fishing at Oak Creek Canyon lies between the creek access points and will require some hiking.

Please note, that the weekends at Oak Creek Canyon can be crowded, but often times you have the place to yourself during the week. 

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