Wickiup Lake Fishing Guide

Wickiup Lake Reservoir is the second-largest reservoir in the state of Oregon, has a surface elevation of 4,338 feet, 10,334 acres, an average depth of 20ft, max depth of 70 ft.,  and 50.5 miles of shoreline and is located 60 miles southwest of Bend, and is the largest of the Cascade Lakes.

Wickiup Lake has a great fishing reputation and good number of Kokanee and Coho salmon. Plus, there's also decent populations of rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, mountain whitefish, and the unwanted tui chub.

Th most popular ways to fish at Wickiup Lake is by trolling, jigging and bank fishing andthe largest trout are caught the first two weeks of fishing season.

Wickiup Lake Photos

Popular Types of Fish at Wickiup Lake

Wickiup Lake fishing opportunities for  Kokanee Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Mountain Whitefish and Tui Chub.

Some of the best lure and bait fishing methods at Wickiup Lake includes night crawlers, crayfish sections, red salmon eggs with white corn or white corn by itself, power bait, spinners, plugs, imitating fleeing bait fish, gold or bronze minnow imitations, dark spinners.




Brook Trout


Brown Trout

Highly Recommended Bait, Tackle & Gear 

Directions to Wickiup Lake

Wickiup Lake is located 60 miles southwest of Bend and  is close to the Twin Lakes, Davis Lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir, Cultus Lake, and Little Cultus Lake.

Wickiup Lake Directions:

From Bend: At Jct. of Third St. (Hwy. 97) & Greenwood Ave. (Hwy. 20), travel south on Hwy 97 for 17.2 miles to Vandevert Road (F.R. 42), turn west onto Forest Road 42 for 20.2 miles to Forest Road 4262.  Turn south onto Forest Road 4262 for 1.8 miles to Forest Road 4260, turn west onto Forest Road 4260 for 0.2 miles to North Wickiup Campground or for 0.3 miles to Gull Point Campground, turn east onto Forest Road 4260 for 2.8 miles to Wickiup Dam.

Total Distance: 40 miles
Estimated Time: 60 minutes