Tomahawk Lake Fishing Guide

Tomahawk Lake Fishing Guide

Welcome to Tomahawk Lake, one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin! Nestled in the Northwoods, Tomahawk Lake is part of the Minocqua Chain of Lakes, providing anglers with a serene and picturesque environment to enjoy their favorite pastime. The lake is surrounded by lush forests, making it a perfect getaway for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Tomahawk Lake has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes this lake a top fishing destination.

Tomahawk Lake Fishing Details

Here are some important details about Tomahawk Lake:

  • Water Surface: 3,392 acres
  • Shoreline: 84 miles
  • Average Depth: 15 feet
  • Max Depth: 84 feet
  • Surface Elevation: 1,601 feet
  • Location: Oneida County, Wisconsin
  • Coordinates: 45.8672° N, 89.7333° W
  • Accessibility: Easily accessible by car with multiple public boat launches
  • Type of Lake: Natural freshwater lake
  • Lake Amenities: Public boat ramps, fishing piers, picnic areas, and nearby hiking trails

Types of Fish in Tomahawk Lake

Tomahawk Lake is home to a variety of fish species, making it a great spot for diverse fishing experiences. Here are some of the fish you can catch and where you might find them:

  • Walleye: Often found in deeper waters, especially around rocky points and submerged structures. Try fishing at dawn or dusk when they are most active.
  • Muskie: These big predators like to lurk in weed beds and near drop-offs. Use larger lures and be prepared for a fight!
  • Northern Pike: Common in weedy areas and shallow bays. They are aggressive feeders and can be caught using a variety of lures.
  • Largemouth Bass: Look for these in shallow waters near submerged vegetation and fallen trees. They bite well on both live bait and artificial lures.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Prefer rocky shores and areas with clear water. Crankbaits and soft plastics work well for these fighters.
  • Bluegill and Sunfish: Often found in shallower waters near docks and weed beds. They are great for kids and beginners due to their abundance and willingness to bite.
  • Crappie: Typically found around submerged structures and brush piles. They are particularly active during the spring spawning season.

Best Fishing Baits, Lures, and Tackle for Tomahawk Lake Fishing

When fishing at Tomahawk Lake, having the right bait, lures, and tackle can make all the difference. Here are some recommendations for each type of fish:

  • Walleye: Use jigs tipped with minnows or leeches, especially during early morning and late evening hours. Crankbaits and spinners also work well.
  • Muskie: Large jerkbaits, bucktails, and spinnerbaits are effective. Consider using a wire leader to prevent these toothy fish from biting through your line.
  • Northern Pike: Spoons, spinnerbaits, and large soft plastics are great choices. Bright colors like red, orange, and chartreuse tend to attract their attention.
  • Largemouth Bass: Soft plastic worms, crankbaits, and topwater lures are popular. Try using Texas rigs or wacky rigs for soft plastics.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Jigs, crankbaits, and soft plastics like tubes and grubs are effective. Focus on rocky areas and points.
  • Bluegill and Sunfish: Small jigs tipped with worms or crickets are perfect. Use light tackle for the best experience.
  • Crappie: Minnows and small jigs work well. Consider using a slip bobber to present your bait at the right depth.

Best Fishing Spot Locations at Tomahawk Lake Fishing

Tomahawk Lake offers numerous spots that are known for great fishing. Here are some of the top locations to try your luck:

  • Rocky Points: These areas are excellent for catching walleye and smallmouth bass. The change in depth attracts fish looking for food.
  • Weed Beds: Northern pike and largemouth bass often hide in these areas. Use weedless lures to avoid getting snagged.
  • Submerged Structures: Look for fallen trees, brush piles, and man-made structures. These spots are hotbeds for crappie and bluegill.
  • Shallow Bays: These are great for early morning and late evening fishing, especially for largemouth bass and northern pike.
  • Drop-offs: Walleye and muskie like to hang out near these underwater cliffs. Use your fish finder to locate these areas.

Fishing Tips and Recommendations for Tomahawk Lake Fishing

To make the most of your fishing trip to Tomahawk Lake, here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Time of Day: Early morning and late evening are the best times to fish. The fish are more active during these cooler parts of the day.
  • Seasonal Changes: Pay attention to the seasons. Spring and fall are particularly good for fishing as fish are more active and feeding heavily.
  • Weather Conditions: Fish tend to bite more when the weather is stable. Avoid fishing during severe weather changes.
  • Proper Gear: Make sure you have the right gear for the type of fish you’re targeting. This includes the right rods, reels, and line strength.
  • Patience and Persistence: Fishing requires patience. If one spot isn’t working, don’t hesitate to move and try different locations.

Tomahawk Lake Fishing Reviews

Here are some positive reviews from anglers who have enjoyed fishing at Tomahawk Lake:

  1. John D.: “I had an amazing time fishing at Tomahawk Lake! Caught a couple of big muskies and the scenery was just breathtaking. Can’t wait to come back!”
  2. Sarah K.: “This lake is perfect for a family fishing trip. My kids had a blast catching bluegills and sunfish near the docks. Highly recommend!”
  3. Mike R.: “Spent a weekend at Tomahawk Lake and it did not disappoint. The walleye fishing was top-notch, and the peaceful environment was exactly what I needed.”
  4. Lisa M.: “Tomahawk Lake is a gem in Wisconsin. The northern pike were biting like crazy, and the lake is so beautiful. A must-visit for any angler.”
  5. Tom S.: “I’ve fished many lakes, but Tomahawk Lake stands out. The variety of fish and the quality of the catch were fantastic. Definitely coming back.”

Top-Rated Closest RV Parks, RV Resorts, and Campgrounds for Tomahawk Lake Fishing

If you’re planning to stay near Tomahawk Lake, here are five top-rated RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds to consider:

  1. Indian Shores RV Resort:
    • Features: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, playground, boat rentals
    • Amenities: Shower facilities, laundry, camp store
    • Distance to Lake: 5 miles
  2. Patricia Lake Campground:
    • Features: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, fishing pier, hiking trails
    • Amenities: Shower facilities, laundry, camp store
    • Distance to Lake: 7 miles
  3. Lake George Campsite:
    • Features: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, fishing pond, nature trails
    • Amenities: Shower facilities, laundry, playground
    • Distance to Lake: 10 miles
  4. Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest:
    • Features: Electric hookups, Wi-Fi, hiking trails, beach access
    • Amenities: Shower facilities, picnic areas, boat launch
    • Distance to Lake: 12 miles
  5. Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center:
    • Features: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, cross-country skiing, hiking trails
    • Amenities: Shower facilities, rental equipment, camp store
    • Distance to Lake: 8 miles

Tomahawk Lake Fishing Summary

Tomahawk Lake is a fantastic destination for anglers of all skill levels. With its diverse fish population, beautiful scenery, and excellent amenities, it offers a memorable fishing experience. Whether you’re targeting walleye, muskie, northern pike, or bass, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to reel in a big catch. The lake’s accessibility and nearby accommodations make it an ideal spot for a weekend getaway or an extended fishing trip. So pack your gear, head to Tomahawk Lake, and get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Tomahawk Lake Fishing

  1. What are the best times of year to fish at Tomahawk Lake?
    • Spring and fall are the best times to fish at Tomahawk Lake. Fish are more active and feeding heavily during these seasons.
  2. Are there any fishing regulations I should be aware of?
    • Yes, be sure to check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website for up-to-date fishing regulations, including size and bag limits for different species.
  3. Can I rent a boat on Tomahawk Lake?
    • Yes, there are several places around the lake where you can rent boats, including pontoon boats, fishing boats, and kayaks.
  4. What amenities are available at the lake for non-fishing activities?
    • Tomahawk Lake offers picnic areas, hiking trails, and beautiful spots for birdwatching and nature photography.
  5. Is there a local bait and tackle shop near Tomahawk Lake?
    • Yes, there are several bait and tackle shops in the area where you can purchase gear, bait, and get local fishing tips.

Enjoy your fishing trip to Tomahawk Lake! Happy fishing!


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