Striped Bass Fishing Guide

How to Catch Striped Bass?

Where to find Striped Bass?: Striped Bass (often called Stripers, Rockfish, Linesider) can be find in lakes and reservoirs in North America and you can actually target Striped Bass year-round.

Striped Bass Size: The common size for Striped Bass is from 16 to 30 in.

Striped Bass Fishing Tips

  • Striped Bass prefer deep water with a sandy or gravel bottom.
  • Trolling for Striped Bass using a combination of lures and fresh baits (e.g. minnows) works really good.
  • Striped Bass are voracious and carnivorous predators that prey on minnows, small creatures such as worms, crayfish, etc.
  • Striped Bass are usually caught with large lures, spoons, spinners and streamer flies
  • Striped Bass prefer live baits, which are more effective, but the most effective that includes: minnows, golden shiner, creek chub and smelt`

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