Dunmore Lake Fishing Guide

Dunmore Lake Fishing Guide

Welcome to Lake Dunmore, Vermont! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about fishing at this beautiful lake. With its serene surroundings and abundant fish, Lake Dunmore offers a perfect spot for a fishing adventure.

About Dunmore Lake Fishing

Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains, Lake Dunmore is a scenic freshwater lake located in Addison County, Vermont. This charming lake is surrounded by lush forests and provides a tranquil escape for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is known for its clear waters, diverse fish population, and picturesque views, making it a popular destination for fishing, boating, and camping.

Dunmore Lake Fishing Details

Here are some key details about Lake Dunmore:

  • Water Surface: 985 acres
  • Shoreline: Approximately 6 miles
  • Average Depth: 26 feet
  • Max Depth: 105 feet
  • Surface Elevation: 564 feet
  • Location: Addison County, Vermont
  • Coordinates: 43.9392° N, 73.0917° W
  • Accessibility: Accessible via Branbury State Park, with boat ramps and fishing docks
  • Type of Lake: Natural freshwater lake
  • Lake Amenities: Picnic areas, campgrounds, hiking trails, boat rentals, and swimming areas

Types of Fish in Lake Dunmore

Lake Dunmore is home to a variety of fish species, making it an ideal fishing spot. Here are the common types of fish you can find in the lake and where they are usually found:

  • Lake Trout: Often found in deeper, cooler waters, especially during the summer months. They prefer rocky and gravelly bottoms.
  • Rainbow Trout: Typically found in deeper waters and near the inlets and outlets of the lake.
  • Largemouth Bass: Usually found in weedy, shallow areas, especially near docks and submerged structures.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Prefer rocky shorelines and areas with underwater structures. They are often found in both shallow and deep waters.
  • Yellow Perch: Often found in schools near the shorelines and in weedy areas.
  • Brown Bullhead: Commonly found in muddy bottoms and shallow waters.
  • Pumpkinseed: Typically found in shallow waters with abundant vegetation.
  • Bluegill: Often found near shorelines and in weedy areas.

Best Fishing Baits, Lures, and Tackle Recommendations for Dunmore Lake Fishing

Choosing the right bait, lures, and tackle can make a big difference in your fishing success at Lake Dunmore. Here are some recommendations:

  • Lake Trout:
    • Bait: Live minnows, smelt
    • Lures: Spoons, crankbaits, and tube jigs
    • Tackle: Medium-heavy rods with strong lines (20-30 lb test)
  • Rainbow Trout:
    • Bait: Live worms, small minnows
    • Lures: Spoons, spinners, and flies
    • Tackle: Medium rods with 10-20 lb test lines
  • Largemouth Bass:
    • Bait: Live worms, crayfish
    • Lures: Soft plastics, jigs, spinnerbaits
    • Tackle: Medium to medium-heavy rods with 10-20 lb test lines
  • Smallmouth Bass:
    • Bait: Live minnows, leeches
    • Lures: Tube jigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits
    • Tackle: Medium rods with 8-15 lb test lines
  • Yellow Perch:
    • Bait: Worms, small minnows
    • Lures: Small jigs, spinners
    • Tackle: Light rods with 4-8 lb test lines
  • Brown Bullhead:
    • Bait: Worms, cut bait
    • Lures: Not commonly used; bait is preferred
    • Tackle: Medium rods with 8-15 lb test lines
  • Pumpkinseed and Bluegill:
    • Bait: Worms, small insects
    • Lures: Small jigs, flies
    • Tackle: Ultralight rods with 2-6 lb test lines

Best Fishing Spot Locations at Dunmore Lake Fishing

Finding the right spot can enhance your fishing experience at Lake Dunmore. Here are some of the best fishing spots on the lake:

  • South Bay: Known for its deeper waters, this area is ideal for Lake Trout and Rainbow Trout. It’s a great spot for trolling.
  • East Shoreline: With its weedy areas, this spot is perfect for Largemouth Bass and Yellow Perch. Fish near the vegetation for the best results.
  • North End: This area has rocky shores and deeper waters, making it a hotspot for Smallmouth Bass and Rainbow Trout. Submerged structures attract these species.
  • Branbury State Park Fishing Dock: An easily accessible spot, especially for those without a boat. It’s a good location for catching a variety of fish, including Largemouth Bass and Bluegill.
  • West Shoreline: This area is convenient for anglers and provides good fishing opportunities for Brown Bullhead and Pumpkinseed, especially in the evening and early morning.

Fishing Tips and Recommendations for Dunmore Lake Fishing

To make the most of your fishing trip to Lake Dunmore, keep these tips in mind:

  • Early Morning and Late Evening: Fish are more active during these times. Plan your fishing trips accordingly for better success.
  • Seasonal Changes: Fish behavior changes with the seasons. In spring, fish are closer to the shore, while in summer, they move to deeper waters.
  • Weather Conditions: Overcast days are generally better for fishing. Fish are more likely to be near the surface, making them easier to catch.
  • Local Regulations: Make sure to check Vermont’s fishing regulations before you go. This includes fishing licenses, catch limits, and specific rules for Lake Dunmore.
  • Respect the Environment: Keep the lake clean by disposing of trash properly and practicing catch and release when necessary to preserve the fish population.

Dunmore Lake Fishing Reviews

Here are five positive reviews from anglers who have fished at Lake Dunmore:

  1. “Lake Dunmore is a fantastic place to fish! The variety of fish and the stunning scenery make it a top fishing destination. I’ve caught some of my biggest bass here.” – Mark H.
  2. “I love fishing at Lake Dunmore. The lake is peaceful, and there’s always a new spot to explore. The trout fishing is fantastic, and the locals are friendly and helpful.” – Emily T.
  3. “My family and I had an amazing time fishing at Lake Dunmore. We caught plenty of perch and bluegill, and the kids loved it. The state parks around the lake are well-maintained and make for a great outdoor experience.” – John W.
  4. “Lake Dunmore offers some of the best trout fishing in the region. The clear, deep waters are perfect for trolling, and the fish are plentiful. It’s a great spot for serious anglers.” – Sarah P.
  5. “I’ve been fishing at Lake Dunmore for years, and it never gets old. The lake’s diverse fish population and the stunning surroundings make it a must-visit for any fisherman.” – Mike L.

Top-Rated Closest RV Parks, RV Resorts, and Campgrounds for Dunmore Lake Fishing

For those looking to stay close to Lake Dunmore, here are five top-rated RV parks, RV resorts, and campgrounds nearby:

  1. Branbury State Park:
    • Features: 66 tent/RV sites, beach access, hiking trails
    • Amenities: Restrooms, showers, picnic areas, playground, Wi-Fi
    • Hookups: Water and electric hookups
    • Distance to Lake: Located on the shores of Lake Dunmore
  2. Moosalamoo Campground:
    • Features: 19 sites, hiking trails, close to Moosalamoo National Recreation Area
    • Amenities: Restrooms, picnic areas, fire pits
    • Hookups: None (primitive camping)
    • Distance to Lake: 5 miles
  3. Kampersville Campground:
    • Features: 130 RV sites, swimming pool, mini-golf, fishing pond
    • Amenities: Restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, camp store, Wi-Fi
    • Hookups: Full hookups (water, sewer, electric)
    • Distance to Lake: 10 miles
  4. Silver Towers Camp:
    • Features: 20 tent/RV sites, nature trails, camp activities
    • Amenities: Restrooms, showers, picnic areas, playground
    • Hookups: Water and electric hookups
    • Distance to Lake: 15 miles
  5. Button Bay State Park:
    • Features: 53 tent/RV sites, swimming pool, boat rentals, hiking trails
    • Amenities: Restrooms, showers, picnic areas, playground
    • Hookups: Water and electric hookups
    • Distance to Lake: 20 miles

Dunmore Lake Fishing Summary

Lake Dunmore is a fantastic destination for fishing enthusiasts of all levels. With its diverse fish population, beautiful scenery, and convenient amenities, it offers a perfect spot for a memorable fishing trip. Whether you’re casting your line from the shore, a boat, or the fishing dock, you’re sure to have a great time at Lake Dunmore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Dunmore Lake Fishing

  1. Do I need a fishing license to fish at Lake Dunmore? Yes, a Vermont fishing license is required for anyone aged 15 and older.
  2. What are the best times of the year to fish at Lake Dunmore? Spring and fall are generally the best times for fishing, but summer can also be good, especially early in the morning and late in the evening.
  3. Can I rent a boat at Lake Dunmore? Yes, boat rentals are available at Branbury State Park.
  4. Are there any fishing tournaments held at Lake Dunmore? Yes, there are occasional fishing tournaments. Check with local authorities or the state park for schedules.
  5. Is Lake Dunmore suitable for ice fishing? Yes, Lake Dunmore is popular for ice fishing during the winter months. Make sure to check ice conditions and safety guidelines before heading out.

We hope this guide helps you plan your fishing trip to Lake Dunmore. Enjoy your time on the water and happy fishing!

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