Bashan Lake Fishing Guide

Bashan Lake Fishing Guide

Welcome to Bashan Lake, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Connecticut. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, this spot will feel like paradise. Bashan Lake is renowned for its serene beauty, crystal-clear waters, and a thriving fish population. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newbie looking for a peaceful day by the water, Bashan Lake has something for everyone. Let’s dive into what makes this lake so special and why it’s a must-visit for any fishing adventure.

Bashan Lake Fishing Details

Before you pack your fishing gear, let’s get to know Bashan Lake a bit better. Here are the essential details you need to know:

  • Water Surface: Approximately 273 acres
  • Shoreline: 4 miles
  • Average Depth: 18 feet
  • Max Depth: 39 feet
  • Surface Elevation: 302 feet above sea level
  • Location: East Haddam, Connecticut
  • Coordinates: 41.5160° N, 72.4300° W
  • Accessibility: Public access available via a state-owned boat launch
  • Type of Lake: Natural lake
  • Lake Amenities: Boat launch, picnic areas, hiking trails, and parking facilities

Bashan Lake is surrounded by lush forests and offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Its clear waters are perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming. Now that we have the basics covered, let’s talk about the star of the show – the fish!

Types of Fish in Bashan Lake

Bashan Lake is home to a variety of fish species, making it a fantastic spot for anglers. Here’s a closer look at the types of fish you can expect to find and where they usually hang out:

Largemouth Bass

  • Description: Largemouth bass are the most popular game fish in Bashan Lake. They are known for their aggressive nature and thrilling fight when hooked.
  • Habitat: You’ll often find largemouth bass near structures like fallen trees, docks, and submerged vegetation. They prefer shallow waters, especially during the spawning season in spring.
  • Best Spots: Try fishing near the lake’s shoreline and around the numerous coves and inlets.

Smallmouth Bass

  • Description: Smallmouth bass are another prized catch in Bashan Lake. They are smaller than largemouth bass but are known for their strong fight and acrobatics when hooked.
  • Habitat: Smallmouth bass prefer rocky areas and deeper waters. Look for them around underwater structures and drop-offs.
  • Best Spots: Focus on the deeper parts of the lake, especially around rocky outcrops and underwater ledges.

Chain Pickerel

  • Description: Chain pickerel are aggressive predators with a distinctive chain-like pattern on their sides. They are known for their sharp teeth and powerful strikes.
  • Habitat: These fish are usually found in weedy areas and near submerged vegetation. They prefer shallow waters, especially during warmer months.
  • Best Spots: Cast your line near weed beds, lily pads, and other areas with dense vegetation.

Yellow Perch

  • Description: Yellow perch are a popular panfish known for their vibrant yellow and black stripes. They are smaller but plentiful in Bashan Lake.
  • Habitat: Yellow perch prefer cooler waters and are often found in deeper areas of the lake. They school together, making them easier to catch in large numbers.
  • Best Spots: Look for yellow perch in the deeper, cooler parts of the lake, especially during summer.


  • Description: Bashan Lake is home to various sunfish species, including bluegill and pumpkinseed. These colorful fish are a delight to catch and are great for beginners.
  • Habitat: Sunfish prefer shallow waters with plenty of vegetation. They are often found near the shoreline and around docks.
  • Best Spots: Focus on areas with plenty of underwater plants and structures.


  • Description: Crappie are known for their delicate, flaky flesh and are a favorite among anglers looking for a tasty meal. Bashan Lake has both black and white crappie.
  • Habitat: Crappie prefer deeper waters with plenty of cover. They are often found near submerged trees and brush piles.
  • Best Spots: Try fishing in deeper waters with plenty of underwater structures, especially during the spawning season in spring.

Best Fishing Baits, Lures, and Tackle for Bashan Lake Fishing

To make the most of your fishing trip to Bashan Lake, it’s essential to use the right baits, lures, and tackle. Here are some recommendations for each type of fish:

Largemouth Bass

  • Baits: Live minnows, nightcrawlers
  • Lures: Plastic worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater frogs
  • Tackle: Medium-heavy spinning or baitcasting rod with a 10-15 lb test line

Smallmouth Bass

  • Baits: Live crayfish, leeches
  • Lures: Jigs, tube baits, crankbaits, swimbaits
  • Tackle: Medium spinning rod with an 8-12 lb test line

Chain Pickerel

  • Baits: Live minnows, shiners
  • Lures: Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, soft plastics
  • Tackle: Medium-heavy spinning rod with a 10-20 lb test line (use a steel leader to prevent bite-offs)

Yellow Perch

  • Baits: Worms, small minnows
  • Lures: Small jigs, spinners, ice fishing jigs
  • Tackle: Light spinning rod with a 4-6 lb test line


  • Baits: Worms, crickets, mealworms
  • Lures: Small jigs, tiny spinners, soft plastics
  • Tackle: Ultralight spinning rod with a 2-4 lb test line


  • Baits: Minnows, small shiners
  • Lures: Small jigs, tube baits, curly tail grubs
  • Tackle: Light spinning rod with a 4-6 lb test line

Best Fishing Spot Locations at Bashan Lake Fishing

Bashan Lake offers numerous spots that are perfect for fishing. Here are some of the top locations where you’re likely to have a successful day on the water:

The Western Shoreline

  • Description: The western shoreline is dotted with coves and inlets, providing plenty of cover for fish.
  • Fish Found: Largemouth bass, sunfish
  • Tips: Fish near fallen trees and submerged vegetation. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to fish here.

The Northern Cove

  • Description: This area features deeper waters and rocky structures, making it ideal for smallmouth bass and crappie.
  • Fish Found: Smallmouth bass, crappie
  • Tips: Use jigs and crankbaits to target smallmouth bass. For crappie, try fishing near submerged trees and brush piles.

The Southern End

  • Description: The southern end of the lake is known for its dense vegetation and shallow waters.
  • Fish Found: Chain pickerel, yellow perch
  • Tips: Cast your line near weed beds and lily pads. Spinnerbaits and live minnows work well in this area.

The Eastern Shoreline

  • Description: The eastern shoreline has a mix of shallow and deep waters, providing habitat for various fish species.
  • Fish Found: Largemouth bass, sunfish, yellow perch
  • Tips: Use plastic worms and topwater lures for largemouth bass. For sunfish and yellow perch, try using live bait and small jigs.

The Central Basin

  • Description: The central basin of Bashan Lake is the deepest part, with depths reaching up to 39 feet.
  • Fish Found: Smallmouth bass, crappie, yellow perch
  • Tips: Use deep-diving crankbaits and jigs for smallmouth bass. For crappie and yellow perch, fish near the bottom with live bait.

Fishing Tips and Recommendations for Bashan Lake Fishing

To ensure you have the best possible fishing experience at Bashan Lake, here are some helpful tips and recommendations:

1. Time of Day

  • Early Morning and Late Afternoon: These are the best times to fish, as the fish are more active and feeding.
  • Night Fishing: For a unique experience, try night fishing for bass and crappie.

2. Seasonal Patterns

  • Spring: Fish are spawning, making them more aggressive and easier to catch. Focus on shallow waters.
  • Summer: Fish move to deeper, cooler waters. Early morning and late evening are the best times to fish.
  • Fall: Fish are feeding heavily before winter. Look for them in shallow and mid-depth areas.
  • Winter: Ice fishing is popular for yellow perch and crappie. Use small jigs and live bait.

3. Weather Conditions

  • Overcast Days: Fish are more likely to be near the surface and active.
  • Rainy Days: Light rain can make fish more active, but avoid fishing during thunderstorms.
  • Sunny Days: Fish may be deeper and less active. Focus on shaded areas and deeper waters.

4. Use the Right Gear

  • Rod and Reel: Match your gear to the type of fish you’re targeting. Light tackle for panfish, medium to heavy tackle for bass and pickerel.
  • Line: Use the appropriate line strength for the fish you’re targeting. Lighter lines for panfish, heavier lines for bass and pickerel.
  • Lures and Baits: Vary your lures and baits to see what the fish are biting on that day.

5. Be Patient and Observant

  • Patience: Fishing requires patience. Don’t be afraid to try different spots and techniques.
  • Observation: Pay attention to the water conditions, weather, and fish behavior. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Bashan Lake Fishing Reviews

Here are some glowing reviews from anglers who have experienced the joy of fishing at Bashan Lake:

  1. John D.: “Bashan Lake is my go-to fishing spot. The bass fishing here is phenomenal. I’ve caught some of my biggest largemouths right off the western shoreline. Highly recommend!”
  2. Emily S.: “I love bringing my kids here for a day of fishing. The sunfish and perch are plentiful, and it’s a great place to teach them the basics. The lake is beautiful and peaceful.”
  3. Mark T.: “If you’re looking for a good fight, the smallmouth bass in Bashan Lake won’t disappoint. I’ve had some great success fishing near the northern cove. Can’t wait to come back!”
  4. Sarah P.: “Bashan Lake is a hidden gem. The variety of fish is amazing, and the scenery is stunning. We had a fantastic time fishing and picnicking by the water. Perfect family spot!”
  5. Tom R.: “The crappie fishing here is top-notch. I’ve had some great catches using small jigs near the central basin. The lake is well-maintained and easy to access. Highly recommend for any angler.”

Top-Rated RV Parks, RV Resorts, and Campgrounds Near Bashan Lake

For those looking to extend their stay and enjoy the great outdoors, here are five top-rated RV parks, RV resorts, and campgrounds near Bashan Lake:

1. Wolf’s Den Family Campground

  • Features: Spacious sites, family-friendly atmosphere, swimming pool, playground
  • Amenities: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, camp store
  • Distance to Lake: 8 miles

2. Salem Farms Campground

  • Features: Large sites, two swimming pools, mini-golf, hiking trails
  • Amenities: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, camp store
  • Distance to Lake: 10 miles

3. Sunfox Campground

  • Features: Shaded sites, swimming pool, fishing pond, game room
  • Amenities: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, camp store
  • Distance to Lake: 12 miles

4. Witch Meadow Lake Family Campground

  • Features: Lakeside sites, swimming pool, sports courts, planned activities
  • Amenities: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, camp store
  • Distance to Lake: 14 miles

5. Nelson’s Family Campground

  • Features: Wooded sites, swimming pool, fishing pond, playground
  • Amenities: Full hookups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, camp store
  • Distance to Lake: 15 miles

Bashan Lake Fishing Summary

Bashan Lake is truly a treasure for anyone who loves fishing. Its diverse fish population, beautiful scenery, and accessible amenities make it a perfect destination for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended stay, Bashan Lake offers a serene and rewarding fishing experience. So pack your gear, gather your family and friends, and head to Bashan Lake for an unforgettable fishing adventure. Tight lines!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Bashan Lake Fishing

1. Do I need a fishing license to fish at Bashan Lake?

Yes, a valid Connecticut fishing license is required to fish at Bashan Lake. You can purchase a license online or at local retailers.

2. What is the best time of year to fish at Bashan Lake?

Spring and fall are generally the best times to fish at Bashan Lake due to the active feeding patterns of fish. However, you can have success year-round with the right techniques.

3. Are there boat rentals available at Bashan Lake?

There are no boat rental services directly at Bashan Lake, but you can bring your own boat or rent one from nearby facilities. The lake has a public boat launch for easy access.

4. Can I swim in Bashan Lake?

Yes, swimming is allowed in Bashan Lake. The clear waters make it a great spot for a refreshing dip during the warmer months.

5. Are there any fishing tournaments held at Bashan Lake?

Yes, Bashan Lake occasionally hosts local fishing tournaments. Check with local fishing clubs and organizations for upcoming events and details.

We hope this guide has inspired you to plan your next fishing trip to Bashan Lake. Happy fishing, and may your lines always be tight!


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